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2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

The new 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack has made its way into the lineup of durable, moderately priced station wagons. Competing directly with the Subaru Outback it is a distinctive, one of a kind station wagon that uniquely stands out on its own.

The specifications on the Alltrack speak for themselves and will keep any consumer pleased with their driving experience. If you’re looking for adventure and a fun driving experience, then the VW Alltrack is the vehicle for you. roseville - volkswagon

Look at the 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack features:

1.8 TSI turbocharged engine that can easily plow through gravel or snow

● The 4MOTION all-wheel drive and Off-Road Mode enables drivers to explore with the handling and traction that the Alltrack has to offer.

● The Hill Descent Control feature enables the control application of the breaks allowing the driver to indulge in a smooth driving experience.

  • Paddle shifters allow you to quickly shift without taking a hand off the wheel.

VW Car-Net App-Connect, an available premium audio system, and added features will meet all your technology needs.

The Golf Alltrack shows why it is able to go where no Golf has ever gone before!

Did we mention safety? That’s right; VW wants to ensure consumers safety while driving on those off beaten paths and down those steep hills. Alltrack apart of the award-winning Golf family, and it also comes with an NHTSA 5-star safety rating. This includes the seven stability enhancing features and an Intelligent Crash Response System (ICRS).

With the MSRP starting at $26,950 the Alltrack can work conveniently with almost any budget. Not to mention the 22 city/30 highway MPG that keeps more money in your pocket and less in your gas tank. Schedule a test drive today and see what the 2017 Golf Alltrack is all about.

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Meet the New VW Touareg

If you’re in the market for a crossover SUV that offers all the power, versatility, and cargo space you need plus all the luxury you desire for ultimate driving comfort, look no further than the new Volkswagen Touareg. Combining impressive all-wheel-drive performance and a capable 280-horsepower V6 engine with tech-savvy amenities and luxury appointments inside and out, the new VW Touareg is what you’ve been waiting for.

To get a closer look at the new Volkswagen Touareg, visit your local VW dealership in Roseville, CA. In addition to the Touareg, you can browse the best selection of new cars in the Jetta, Passat, Tiguan, Golf, and Beetle. If you’re not sure which new VW is right for you, visit the dealership and spend a few hours test driving different models to narrow down your choice and determine which new Volkswagen is the best fit for your lifestyle, preferences, and needs.

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What is Car-Net?

With VW Car-Net, you can be more connected than ever to your vehicle. Available on select new Volkswagen cars, Car-Net allows you to be more connected and engaged with your vehicle than ever before through features and services like remote vehicle access, roadside assistance, real-time traffic updates and sports scores, vehicle diagnostic reports, and more. Watch this video to learn more about Car-Net.

If you’re interested in experiencing all that Car-Net has to offer, visit your local VW dealership in Roseville, CA. Car-Net is available on select new 2016 VW models, including the Golf, Jetta, Passat, CC, Beetle, and Tiguan. Visit a Volkswagen dealership to get a hands-on demonstration of Car-Net and to test-drive some of these excellent new VW models.

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The Dangers of Aging Tires

When it comes to tire maintenance, people have for years relied solely on a tire’s tread depth to determine its condition. However, old tires can pose as big a safety hazard as worn-out tires, regardless of the condition of the tread. In this article we will examine what happens to tires as they age, how long tires are expected to last on average, and why you should make a service appointment with your car dealership in Roseville, CA to address aging tires before they cause an accident, or worse.

Why Aging Tires are Dangerous

Over time, a tire’s rubber compounds will develop cracks that will eventually cause the steel belts in the tread to separate from the rest of the tire. If the tread were to suddenly separate from the tire, especially at highway speeds, you are likely to lose control of the vehicle. Old, worn-down tires can also compromise a vehicle’s drivability and handling characteristics. To avoid a dangerous driving situation, get your tires checked out and replaced (if necessary) every couple of years.

How Long Do Tires Last

The question most drivers ask at this point is, “How long does a tire last and how do I know if my tires are old?” As for the first part of the question, it depends. The Rubber Manufacturers Association says there is no way to put a date on when a tire expires because heat, storage, road conditions, mileage, and other factors can affect the life of a tire. You can determine the age of your tire by looking at the DOT code on the sidewall. The first two numbers represent the week in which the tire was made; the second two represent the year.

What You Can Do About Aging Tires

There’s nothing you can do to “repair” aging tires, which is why you will need to save up and prepare for replacement tires. Depending on the age and condition of your tires, plan on buying new tires every three or four years on average (remember this can vary depending on the factors specific to how you drive and where you drive). You can schedule a tire inspection and tire service with the service center at your local car dealership.

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Signs You Need Your Brakes Checked

If you drive a new or used Volkswagen, you know what thrilling performance feels like. However, although you might not realize it, a lot of the thrills and joy you experience behind the wheel are due to the brakes. Sure, your car’s brakes might not affect horsepower or torque, but they can certainly affect your vehicle’s drivability and handling. More importantly is the fact that worn-out brakes can affect the safety of your vehicle. Considering the importance of good brakes, schedule a service appointment with your Volkswagen dealership in Roseville, CA if you recognize any of these signs of brake problems.

Strange Braking Sounds

The good news about brake problems is they are usually easy to spot if you keep an ear open for strange sounds during the braking. High-pitched squealing, for example, is a sign that your car’s brake pads need to be replaced. Grinding noises are more serious, these sounds indicate that the brake pads have completely worn down and the calipers are grinding against the rotors.

Pulling to One Side

Another early and obvious sign of brake trouble is if your car is pulling to one side or the other while driving or braking. Although this problem doesn’t always indicate a problem with the brakes, it could be related to a stuck caliper, collapsed brake hose, or uneven brake pads. In any case, this problem needs to be checked out and diagnosed by a VW service technician as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Pulsating Steering Wheel and/or Brake Pedal

Generally, a steering wheel or brake pedal that vibrates or pulsates during braking is an indication of warped rotors. This can also be an indication of misaligned wheels. In either case, schedule a service appointment with the dealership to have the problem diagnosed and repaired.

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Spotlight on Lane Departure Warning

When you purchase a new Volkswagen serving Sacramento, CA, you will enjoy a variety of new features that Volkswagen has included in its new cars. Among the great features included in new VW vehicles is the Lane Departure Warning System. With Lane Departure Warning, your VW Passat will provide you with an alert if it senses that you are about to accidentally leave your current lane of travel. This exciting Volkswagen feature is just one of many that can be included in their new vehicles. To learn more about VW’s Lane Departure Warning system, be sure to check out this video from Volkswagen USA.

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The Importance of Tire Care

Volkswagen vehicles are renowned for their reliability on the road. When you purchase a new car from a dealership offering Volkswagen vehicles serving Roseville, CA, you can rest assured that your new car will remain in peak driving shape for years to come. From the VW Beetle to the VW GTI, there are many cars for sale at your local VW dealership. To help keep your Volkswagen running great, it is essential to perform routine tire care procedures. Let’s take a closer look at why tire care is so important for your vehicle.

Prevent Blowouts

A tire blowout can put a serious halt to your daily driving routine. When your car gets a flat tire, you may be stuck on the side of the road as you wait for help to arrive. However, with proper tire care, you can help to prevent blowouts and keep your tires in safe working condition. For example, checking your tire pressure will go a long ways towards preventing a potential flat on the road.

Improve Efficiency and Safety

Along with helping to prevent blowouts, routine tire care is also essential for improving the efficiency and safety of your car. With properly inflated tires, you can rest assured that your car is performing to the best of its efficiency. Underinflated tires, by contrast, can cause your car to use more fuel. Finally, proper tire maintenance will also help you brake, maneuver, and safely negotiate wet or slippery roads.

Protect Your Investment

A new set of tires is a considerable investment for any driver. To help your brand new set of tires last for as long as possible, you will want to follow the main steps of tire maintenance. For example, you should be sure to have your tires rotated and balanced at your dealership service department. In addition, you should also inspect your tires for the signs of excessive tread wear on a regular basis.

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Deciding Between Leasing and Buying a Car

If you have decided that you are ready to start shopping for a new Volkswagen serving Roseville, CA, you should start your car buying process by learning about the financing options that are available to you. Car dealerships offer drivers with the option to lease or buy their vehicles. By leasing a new VW Beetle, you can enjoy the great performance of a Volkswagen car, but with a lower overall monthly payment. If you are wondering whether leasing or buying will be the right choice for your needs, here is a look at how to decide on financing options for new vehicles.

The Advantages of Leasing New Cars

When you are considering a vehicle lease, it is a good idea to learn more about the advantages of this financing option. One of the main benefits of leasing a new car is that your lease will require you to make low monthly payments. In addition, many leases can be obtained with very low down payments. Overall, you may also find that you have lower overall maintenance fees.

The Advantages of Buying New Cars

There are also significant advantages to buying a new car. For example, when you buy a new car, you will be making an investment as the owner of a vehicle. In addition, you will also be able to drive your car as many miles as you want, with no restrictions. Finally, depending on your financing plan, you may find that buying a car is more economical in the long run.

Making Your Financing Decision

In order to make a savvy choice when you are financing a new car, you should be sure to consult with the experts at your dealership financing department. Your team of car financing specialists will be able to tell you whether leasing or buying a car will be the best fit for your needs. Once you have decided on your financing plan, you will be ready to drive home in the new car of your dreams.

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Technology in the VW Jetta

The VW Jetta is among the most exciting new cars in the 2016 VW lineup. When you purchase a new Jetta from one of the highly rated car dealerships near Sacramento, CA, you are sure to be thrilled by the performance, technology, and style of your vehicle. For the 2016 model year, VW has incorporated many new technological features into its new vehicles. Your new Volkswagen Jetta can be equipped with a variety of Driver Assistance systems, including Volkswagen Car-Net technology. Car-Net is paired to a 5” touchscreen display, which will allow you to easily navigate its features. Additionally, App-Connect will allow you to pair your smartphone to your vehicle. From Apple music to Android Apps and more, App-Connect allows you to seamlessly integrate your phone into your driving experience. With these great features, you are sure to be amazed at the safety and convenience that the VW Jetta has to offer you.

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Should You Buy a New or Used Vehicle?

When you visit car dealerships near Roseville, CA, you will have many factors to consider. Whether you are interested in used cars or a brand new VW car for sale, your sales team will be able to help you choose the right model and style for your driving needs. One of the most essential decisions that you will make when you are shopping for 2016 cars is whether a new or used car will be right for you. While used cars are offered at budget-friendly prices, new cars offer all of the latest features. To help you with your upcoming purchase, here is a look at how to decide between buying a new or used vehicle.

Consider Your Budget

As you are deciding between a new or used vehicle, you should start by considering your budget. For those car shoppers who are on tighter budgets, used cars may be the best fit for their needs. By contrast, a brand new car can fit into your budget when it is purchased using car financing offers.

Evaluate Features

Along with considering your budget, it is also important to evaluate all of the features that you are looking for in a car. When you purchase a brand new VW, for example, your car will be equipped with the latest safety and infotainment technology. Used cars, however, can be outfitted with premium features, at a lower price. You may want to research the latest car features before you make your purchase.

Ask About Maintenance

When you are shopping for a new or used car, it is very important to consider the maintenance requirements of your vehicle. A brand new car will require little maintenance after you drive off of the dealership lot. However, a used car may require routine tune ups in order to remain in peak driving shape. With the help of your VW dealership service department, you can ensure that your new or used car remains on the road for many miles to come.

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The New 2018 Atlas

Big News is on the way! Volkswagen will be releasing the all-new 2018 Atlas this spring and we could not be more excited! Volkswagen now has a third row SUV that is designed with up to 96.8 cubic feet of space to carry everything you need plus some while on the road. Load up your friends and family and get ready to explore everything the Atlas has to offer.

The Atlas’ roomy third row…


Volkswagen Cars Debut New App Technology

There are many exciting things happening here at Roseville Volkswagen, and we cannot wait until our customers hear all about them. Now that the all new infotainment system, MIB II, is here with the new smartphone integration technology, App-Connect, we want to make sure everyone knows about it. That is why the company is launching a new advertising campaign to spread the word.

This campaign kicks off with two 30 second commercials that will star...


Buying a Pre-Owned Car from Roseville Volkswagen

When customers come over to Roseville Volkswagen, they are usually coming to get a glimpse of one of the many fabulous Volkswagen cars that they can choose from to be their next new vehicle. Our team is ready to show off these vehicles at our Volkswagen dealership in Roseville so you can find which new car would best fit your needs. We do understand that some customers that come onto our lot are not looking...


2016 Volkswagen Models Get New Features

When customers head over here to Roseville Volkswagen, we love to show off all of the latest and greatest models. So now that we are getting the details of the 2016 models and the changes that come with it, we are so excited to be able to show all these off soon.

One of the most exciting changes for the 2016 model year is the new MIB II infotainment system with USB and VW Car-Net…


2016 Volkswagen Models Add on Features

One of the most popular items in the Volkswagen vehicles that we have here at Roseville Volkswagen would have to be all of the technology features that come on the various new cars we have to offer here on our lot. Our team is happy to say that for the 2016 model years, the models will have changes for the infotainment technology and driver assistance features.

Our Volkswagen dealership in Roseville is happy to say...


Volkswagen Cars Gain Popularity in July

We love to hear it and are proud to say it here at Roseville Volkswagen: Volkswagen did it again with another year over year sales increase. July totals are in and sales increased 2.4 percent over July 2014. We are so proud of this here at our Roseville Volkswagen dealership because we know it shows what great vehicles we have here on our lot for our customers to choose from. Whether you need a...


2015 Volkswagen Golf R- Popular for a Reason

The Volkswagen Golf has been a popular car here at Roseville Volkswagen for a while, and we still get excited every time we show it to a new customer here on our lot. This car has so much to offer, and the various trim levels that it comes in gives even more option to show off. For today, let us tell you about the 2015 Volkswagen Golf R.

The 2015 Volkswagen Golf R is powered...



The Golden Sisters Return to Volkswagen Commercials

At Roseville Volkswagen, we love everything about the Volkswagen brand from the cars to the sponsorship. One of the unexpected things we love though would have to be the commercials Volkswagen comes up with. Just last week Volkswagen released some commercials for their Model Year End Sales Event with the internet sensations "The Golden Sisters."

These eccentric sisters had humor to the commercials. Two 30 second television ads have been released as well as six...


Volkswagen Celebrates SHARK WEEK

The long-awaited week for many is finally here. That's right, it's SHARK WEEK, and everyone here at Roseville Volkswagen is so excited. Volkswagen of America, Inc. is a sponsor of Discovery's Channel's SHARK WEEK for the fourth year, and to collaborate with the event, Sharks ReScored will debut.

Sharks ReScored is an online experience that includes a trailer of a mini documentary, interactive score footage that uses eye-tracking technology to show...


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